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Privet Houses

Privet Houses


The guiding principle that leads us is a constant dialog between the artificial lighting and the people in the space designed,

within the context of structure, architecture and interior design, which is ever changing  according to the project. 

We design lighting schemes for a wide range of applications including residential, commercial, public and industrial projects. 

Each project is approached in several stages:


Concept: design ideas and philosophy accompanied by lighting sketches and presentations.


Preliminary scheme design: detailed translation of the concept stage, preliminary lighting-design layout, 

preliminary indication of type of luminaire and lamp.


Design development and tender documentation: Bill of quantities, preparation of full equipment specifications with details of luminaire dimensions, lamp data and relevant photometric information (photometric calculations according to requirements), proposal plan, on-site testing and mock-ups to be constructed as necessary.


Implementation documentation: detailed implementation documentation, installation details, final lighting adjustments, 

supervision (starting from design development and tender documentation stage).


                              We are here to shed light into your project, giving a professional, creative and service oriented process.






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