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Privet Houses

Privet Houses

Studio Twilight is an award winning architectural lighting design studio operating internationally and headquartered

in Berlin, Germany.

Founded in 2006, we design creative lighting solutions for projects of all sizes and to numerous market sectors.

We are renowned for our unique approach and our unwavering commitment to design, innovation and sustainability.


Architectural lighting is more than just a visual effect. Light is the very definition of space,

realizing the potential of its environment.

Light delivers a depth of experience and emotion that is both exquisite and profound. 

Studio Twilight is focused on enhancing the human experience through designs that are aesthetically

inspiring and pragmatically sustainable, ingeniously modern and poetically tied to nature.


Our approach is curious, collaborative and professional.

We believe the most extraordinary outcomes stem from open communication between all stakeholders.

Every project is a discovery process designed to meet unique needs and conditions.

Our success driven by the power of questions and the collective expertise of designers who strive to continually advance their technical knowledge in a complex and fast changing industry. 






Amit Rosen.jpg

Ailon Gavish

Founder & CEO

Studio Twilight 

Naama Steigman


Lighting Designer

Amit Rosen

Associate partner

Tel Aviv Studio

Lighting Designer

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